Heinz Mack, 'Untitled', 2015

Context & Art

Artworks have multiple meaning levels.  It is not impossible to interpret meaning  without contextual knowledge, yet, bear in mind that a knowledgeable artlover can analyze the artwork in a more detailed way. Thus, while  appreciating contemporary art, know that you can use social, political, economic, philosophical contexts as  tools to derive meaning. As French intellectual Roland Barthes (1915-1980) stated, artist can present you an idea, subject or problem using certain form, texture and style; but your knowledge and experience of art will shape your idea and reaction. Just look and explore the universe of the artist through the artwork:  you are the ultimate identifier of the meaning.

The artworld is characterized by  constant change and innovation. Development of electronic media and rise of consumerism  not only had contributions  to the art sphere but also challenged the area.  Today, it is almost impossible to establish boundaries between ‘high art’ and popular culture. Close relationship between commerce and fame effects how artworks are created and understood. As a viewer, one should be aware that art is seen as a commodity thanks to investment and speculation markets. All these elements  shaping  the context of artworld are waiting for your close examination.

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