Bahar Yürükoğlu, 'Yeni Alım', 2015

Contemporary art as an experience

Contemporary art is an experience. You can see it, feel it, try to make sense of it; yet, there is no ‘right’ or  ‘wrong’. In order to create the bond with the artwork,  what you need is the knowledge and  questioning is the way. Political, economical, philosophical and social facts are what the  artists are effected by. There are a variety of subjects to tackle such as globalization, identity, ecology, consumerism.. ,an  infinite number of styles, shapes that provoke you to see the world in a different view. Then, there is the inevitable financial aspect:art today has become  a huge  industry  with organizations, corporations, foundations and collectors, buyers and sellers all around the world.

In this unconventional, post-truth era, art can be an alluring yet oracular field waiting for you to discover meanings freely. Just read, observe, see as much artwork as possible and have time to reflect on what you experience.  Journey of contemporary art will make you answer questions that in the beginning you don’t even think you ask. As you progress, you will realize how your perception of life has changed by contemplating on contemporary art.

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